Simon & Associates
Simon & Associates act as a strategic adviser and business consultant, providing cutting-edge legal services in all aspects of corporate governance. A steady flow of M&A and corporate due diligence is among the firm’s most renowned service lines.

In addition, Simon & Associates also advise on the following:

• formation of private limited companies, companies limited by guarantee, liaison offices
• purchase and sale of companies
• corporate governance;
• joint venture / shareholder agreements
• partnerships
• takeovers & mergers
• mandatory offers
• drafting, reviewing and negotiation of commercial agreements, including shareholder agreements, share sale and purchase agreements, management agreements, memorandum of understanding, non-disclosure agreements, etc
• restructuring of companies
• conducting corporate legal due diligence studies
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Our Legal Experts :
Nikini Prathapasinghe
Nikini is involved in corporate matters and litigation as well as arbitration. She is also interested in environmental issues.

Nikini Prathapasinghe

Christina Dahanayake
Christina attends to corporate matters, foreign investments and Information Technology.

Christina Dahanayake

Savindi W
Savindi attends to both corporate and litigation matters and deals with preparation of legal documents, legal research and court work.

Savindi Withana

Michleen Corera
An expert in Corporate Law including incorporation of companies; drafting and reviewing of corporate legal documentation - including shareholder agreements, share sale and purchase agreements, joint venture agreements; purchase and sale of companies; conducting corporate legal due diligence studies; and legal research.

Michleen Corera

Senior Associate